Victoria B

I eat pizza and wear Doc Martens

To Long Lost

Dear E, I had a dream about you last night. I dreamed that we were roommates, which was weird because we are not even friends. We spent the whole dream avoiding each other and refusing to speak. Near the end of the dream, you asked me a question and it was like a barrier between us just shattered. We looked at each other, each shocked to discover the other wasn’t.. Read More

A Tragedy

This post isn’t really a tragedy, but that’s the mood of the video I created this week. The task (worth 3 stars) was to take a music video and replace the music with a classical piece. To start, I needed to pick a video, and finding one that was appropriate for a class assignment was not particularly easy. Finally, I settled on a relatively new video by The Weeknd for.. Read More

Cinematic Effects

Stanley Kubrick’s collection of shots in one point perspective, and in a more general sense, his shots where the camera is centered on the action are abnormal. According to cinematic theory, you should place the person/thing you want view positively to the left, and negatively to the right, and never in the center. Placing the center of focus in the center of the screen works for Kubrick though. It gives.. Read More