Victoria B

I eat pizza and wear Doc Martens

A Week of Shapes

This week’s Daily Create’s had a lot of shapes going on. The first Daily Create I did this week asked us to draw a circle, and then put whatever we like into the middle of said circle. Although I had originally planned to pass this one by and do different daily creates to fulfill my requirement, after I got home from work, I went to the embroidery projects I have.. Read More

DAILY CREATES ( 5/25 – 5/31)

Enjoy as a child: (5.26) I was initially unsure what to do for this assignment, but it was miserably hot in Richmond on Tuesday, and all I could think about on my way to work was how my mother used to bribe us into road trips during the summer by buying us a McDonald’s ice cream cone and smashing it upside down in a kiddie cup and rolling down all.. Read More

A Day to Relax

After a long, long week, I decided the only way to make myself feel better was a quick trip to the river. At about 1 pm, I packed a bag with enough snacks to feed a small army, a couple bottles of water, and plenty of sunscree. When I left the house, I called up my significant other and asked if he wanted to join me at the river, and.. Read More