Victoria B

I eat pizza and wear Doc Martens

Livin’ on a Prayer

Strange title for a weekly summary, no? But ever since I came to the realization that this class is half over, I couldn’t get that song out of my head. “Hold On, we’re halfway there, oohhoohh, Livin’ on a Prayer” But enough silliness, let’s get down to business. (that rhymed)   I mentioned in my post about This American Life, that I think Ira Glass is an American Hero, right?.. Read More

A New Hero

Ira Glass sure is spectacular! My friend Kelsey has been trying to persuade me to listen to This American Life for almost a year now, and the whole time I have refused to do so, and insisted that the radio was boring and that NPR was a waste of time. Boy, don’t I look like a fool. Ira Glass is amazing, and This American Life is fascinating! I listened to.. Read More

A Week of Shapes

This week’s Daily Create’s had a lot of shapes going on. The first Daily Create I did this week asked us to draw a circle, and then put whatever we like into the middle of said circle. Although I had originally planned to pass this one by and do different daily creates to fulfill my requirement, after I got home from work, I went to the embroidery projects I have.. Read More

Opposites Attract

Three hints about the song: 1. Released in 2010 2. Hit number 1 on the Hip Hop/R&B Billboard Chart 3. The lead on the song is also a comedian.   This was the first of two audio assignments that I completed this week, and I found the tutorial on it to be very helpful. In all, this assignment was a perfect way to get introduced to Audible.The act of reversing.. Read More

Monsters in the Closet

For my second audio assignment I chose to really push myself. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I have loved Edgar Allen Poe fr as long as i have known his work, so picking assignment 1418 was a no brainer. I visited multiple tutorial sites, and made full use of the tutorials past students had posted for Audible, and by the end of the assignment I was feeling comfortable enough.. Read More