This post isn’t really a tragedy, but that’s the mood of the video I created this week. The task (worth 3 stars) was to take a music video and replace the music with a classical piece. To start, I needed to pick a video, and finding one that was appropriate for a class assignment was not particularly easy. Finally, I settled on a relatively new video by The Weeknd for his song titled The Hills. I watched the video multiple times to get a feel for the pace of the action and to feel out the story of the video.

Step two was to find a musical piece to accompany the video. Since I know very little about classical music, I used Youtube as a resource to find the right song. Many of the ones I found were far too fast paced and gave the video a comedic tint, similar to the Looney Tunes cartoons that I watched as a child. Eventually, the right song turned up, slow with sweeping vocals and a air of solemnity that was exactly what I needed to pair with the car crash in The Weeknd’s video.

I downloaded them both and ended up with a wild success!