This week’s Daily Create’s had a lot of shapes going on. The first Daily Create I did this week asked us to draw a circle, and then put whatever we like into the middle of said circle. Although I had originally planned to pass this one by and do different daily creates to fulfill my requirement, after I got home from work, I went to the embroidery projects I have in the works, and none of them appealed to me. When I saw this white chiffon fabric crumpled up in the bottom of my fabric drawer, I knew exactly what it needed (some bright colored circles!) Technically, embroidery is not drawing, but when I was an infant, before I even knew how to say the alphabet, my grandmother had me stitching away on a big block with a plastic needle. As I grew up, embroidery is always what i wanted to do, so I taught myself new stitches and bought all kinds of thread and started a million projects. Now, sewing is just as natural to me as writing my own name, and way more natural than trying to be creative on a piece of paper.

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The last daily create I did this week was extremely vague. All the instructions said were “keep calm and make more lines” which intrigued me immediately. My first thought was to do a stitch sampler, which is a fun little example of all kinds of stitches put together without any specific purpose in mind. Lines of different stitches criss crossing all over a piece of fabric would have been extremely visually appealing, but I had already done an embroidery instead of a drawing assignment this week, and I thought I ought to follow the instructions more carefully. Instead, I matched markers to thread colors that I’ve recently been using a lot of, and I drew what could be used as a stitch sampler sometime in the future. (perhaps you’ll see the finished product before the class is over?)

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The final daily create that I did this week was not about shapes, but it did involve something else I am very passionate about, and that is my bike! I live and play (not work, sadly) in downtown Richmond, and my parents have always been very into cycling, so riding my bike everywhere feels natural. The last two years I have been having problems with my bike that no mechanic could seem to explain, until the end of last summer when my friend’s brother took a look at it. He figured out the problem almost immediately and got my speed machine back in perfect working condition…just in time for the weather to turn cold. This spring and summer have been an absolute delight because my bike is finally back to working and there are no more problems. On Friday, when the video was made, I rode down to the river to meet up with some of my friends, and then we made our way to get tacos before I rode home.