Favorite Musician Gif.

Although I have been a self-proclaimed feminist for years, I hadn’t listened the a lot of lady’s performing rock music in my life. When my boyfriend introduced me to Sleater-Kinney a few weeks back, I immediately changed my ways. These girls rock so hard and they do it entirely effortlessly. There were a band through the mid 1990’s, and didn’t break up until 2005, so there is quite a lot of material out there to choose for a gif. However, they got back together and released a new album earlier this year, and performed a show for NPR. The concert is amazing, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Anyhow, here’s the gif, and a link to the performance if you’re into ladies who shred.




Home Video Gif.

My puppy turns two next month! I guess technically that means she’s probably not a puppy anymore, but I am not quite ready to accept that fact. I have endless footage of my little pup, named Cricket, on my phone, and when I saw this as option for a gif, my mind was made up. She’s typically quite energetic, but more than anything Cricket is a goof. She plays dead, rolls over, leaps around, and all sorts of strange dog behavior. This gif is an example of the playing dead. We were in the middle of a game of fetch (which I admit is more her watching me throw the ball and fetching it for myself while she follows me around, but that’s beside the point). She just flopped over on the ground and refused to budge.