Strange title for a weekly summary, no? But ever since I came to the realization that this class is half over, I couldn’t get that song out of my head. “Hold On, we’re halfway there, oohhoohh, Livin’ on a Prayer”

But enough silliness, let’s get down to business.
(that rhymed)


I mentioned in my post about This American Life, that I think Ira Glass is an American Hero, right? If I didn’t, I sure meant to. When listening to him talk about how to tell a story, I was enthralled. Many of the things he said seemed so obvious, but I never would have thought of them myself! The comment about telling a story out loud being nothing like writing a paper really resonated with me. I think that’s a lesson that applies to many things that we have done so far in this class. If you view it as a narrative, in the was that we are taught in English class, the assignments are much harder and you kind of fight where the class is taking you because you’re so busy trying to make your work follow all these certain rules. I also appreciated his comment that there will always be a difference in the level of taste and the level of skill when you start anything new. That’s excellent life advice, and it should be written on inspirational posters everywhere.

The most enlightening thing he said, however, was that you should not try to be anyone but yourself. If you spend your time blindly trying to emulate someone else, you will not be very good. It’s baffling that Ira Glass got so much great life advice into a short segment about making good podcasts, but apparently the man is capable of anything.

After his interview, I listened to the Doppleganger podcast (many many others that weren’t on the list to chose from). There was a lot to say about the way in which the producers use music to create a mood and the way that Ira Glass captures your attention, but they both work together seamlessly to carry you on a journey of knowledge, and to manipulate your emotions to follow the story line they are trying to tell. This week, I reflected on both of these things in a blog post.

I used one of the audio assignments this week (Opposites Attract) to get familiar with using Audible, and then I went way out of my comfort zone to put together a scary story called Monsters in the Closet.

A Week in Shapes summarizes my daily creates for the week.


This week was probably the easiest week s far. I don’t think that’s because the work is getting easier, but rather because I am getting more comfortable out of my comfort zone. I’m getting increasingly excited to see where this class takes me. I feel that my assignment write ups are getting way better, and this was the first week that I gave my blog posts creative titles. I’m not doing very well grade wise, but I think that I am rapidly improving.