Three hints about the song:

1. Released in 2010
2. Hit number 1 on the Hip Hop/R&B Billboard Chart
3. The lead on the song is also a comedian.


This was the first of two audio assignments that I completed this week, and I found the tutorial on it to be very helpful. In all, this assignment was a perfect way to get introduced to Audible.The act of reversing the song was easy enough, but I did play around a bit and get thoroughly frustrated and lost before looking up a tutorial.  I tried to pick a song that would sound melodic backwards and forward, because in my mind, that would make it harder for the listener to figure out what it might sound like the right way forward. If I ma being completely honest, I also picked the song because it’s one of my absolute favorites.


If you’re curious what the original song is, it was Fall For Your Type, by Jamie Foxx and Drake.