Stella’s parents would not have named her Stella if they’d know how much time she would spend staring at the sky as a child. They lived on a farm, and there was more than enough work to go around, but Stella was usually off somewhere with her head in the clouds. Often she snuck out after everyone went to sleep at night to watch the stars go by and try to count them or pick out constellations.


cloudstaring2 cloudstaring1

When she turned 14, Stella’sĀ father decided to get out of the farming business. They closed down the family farm, packed up all of their things onto the Station Wagon, and drove down to Port St. Joe in Florida.


From their new home, Stella had the perfect vantage point to watch all the shuttles taking off from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. It didn’t take long before she set her mind to save up enough money for season passes to the Space Center. The employees quickly got to know her and she was provided a much better place to watch the launches from.

Stella signed up for space camp multiple times, where she fell even more in love with the allure of outer space.


Stella studied hard in school and applied herself to learning all she could. Eventually she got into a top college and graduated with quite a remarkable degree.

Stella Warren Math Degree

After college, Stella got a Master’s Degree in Physics, and a very good job as a research scientist. Every year she would apply to work at NASA, and every year they replied that she wasn’t right for the job. Instead of getting sad about the rejections, Stella worked harder to achieve her goal. She learned to fly planes, kept in peak physical condition. One day all the effort paid off and she finally received the letter she had been waiting for.

NASA Acceptance

kenndy space center

Stella went to NASA and learned all that she needed to know. And her dreams finally came true.

Stella Warren