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I eat pizza and wear Doc Martens

Week Two Summary

Wow! What a crazy week! This week went pretty well. I believe I did a much better job managing my time in terms of completing all of the assignments with the least amount of stress. Starting with Monday I  tried to complete at least one assignment every day. However, at the end of the week I had a slight technical problem that definitely derailed me a bit. Going forward I.. Read More

A Reflection on the Vignelli Canon

I have a good many friends who are into design. Because I grew up and still live in Richmond City, most of my friends are either students or byproducts of the art school at VCU. Even those who are not have been almost absorbed into a highly aesthetic culture. Although I have been around this culture for my entire life, it never quite made sense to me. Of course I.. Read More

What would you do with no internet?

Dailycreate 5.30: If the internet went out tomorrow. Today’s daily create asked us to consider what would happen if the internet went out. Truly, the concept of making a new internet never even crossed my mind. In fact, it would probably be hours before I realized there even was a problem. Much of my life is spent reading books, doing homework, and sewing. Once I did realize the internet was.. Read More

DAILY CREATES ( 5/25 – 5/31)

Enjoy as a child: (5.26) I was initially unsure what to do for this assignment, but it was miserably hot in Richmond on Tuesday, and all I could think about on my way to work was how my mother used to bribe us into road trips during the summer by buying us a McDonald’s ice cream cone and smashing it upside down in a kiddie cup and rolling down all.. Read More

Animated Gif Assignment

Favorite Musician Gif. Although I have been a self-proclaimed feminist for years, I hadn’t listened the a lot of lady’s performing rock music in my life. When my boyfriend introduced me to Sleater-Kinney a few weeks back, I immediately changed my ways. These girls rock so hard and they do it entirely effortlessly. There were a band through the mid 1990’s, and didn’t break up until 2005, so there is.. Read More

Design Blitz

I found this picture while I was reading articles about the FIFA scandal and the major violations of human rights in Qatar. Some artist, who was sadly unaccredited where I found this picture, took the logos of international brands who support and donate money to FIFA and manipulated their logos to represent the fact that they are also supporting slave labor. The men lifting the larger and larger bars of.. Read More

On Joining Twitter (Week One Summary)

Hello class! Glad to be joining the fun. #ds106 — Victoria (@_sharkship) May 21, 2015 Joining Twitter has never been high on my list of priorities, only because I didn’t fully understand the point. After a little less than one week as a member of the site, my original hesitaion is still mostly intact, however, I think I am beginning to understand the way in which it can be a.. Read More

Visual Assignments

A big part of my story lately, is the trip I took to Italy in November. The experience was mindblowing, and everyday held a new adventure. I spent 2 full days just wnadering around Rome and getting lost with a Preist friend of mine. I spent another day and a half winding my way through the alleys and the back canals of Venice, a city which somehow always makes you.. Read More

WEAVESILK CREATION I had so much fun with this assignment! This website has been around for a while, but I had totally forgotten its existnec until I saw in in the bank of visual assignment options. To me, weavesilk is a more entertaining version of watching the coulds go by. In honesty, the user picks the direction, but the person in control still has very little say about what the.. Read More

My First Daily Create!

My tale is often one of hesitation transformed into enthusaism, however this assignment was totally different. As soon as I read what the Daily Create on Thursday was asking us to do I headed over to google Images and found an acceptable image of the number one athlete in the world as far as I am concerned. Marcel Kittel is a German cyclist, and arguably the fastest sprinter in the.. Read More