Victoria B

I eat pizza and wear Doc Martens

A (not so quick) rap about my day

SOUNDCLOUD POST Friday’s Daily Create instructed us to record a quick rap about our day. My immediate thought was “No way, I definitely can’t do that!” and I dismissed the task altogether. Life is funny though, and sometimes once an idea gets in your head, it just won’t leave until you see it to completion. That’s what happened with this rap. Throughout the day, I kept thinking of little rhyming.. Read More

A Day to Relax

After a long, long week, I decided the only way to make myself feel better was a quick trip to the river. At about 1 pm, I packed a bag with enough snacks to feed a small army, a couple bottles of water, and plenty of sunscree. When I left the house, I called up my significant other and asked if he wanted to join me at the river, and.. Read More

What’s in my Purse?

Although I am not embarassed by anything in my purse, I first cringed at the thought of completing this assignment. However, I sucked it up and decided t lay it all out. What I realised is this, the things in my purse vary widely depending on which purse I am carerying and how big it is. Here’s a picture of the things that can ALWAYS be found in my purse,.. Read More

Hello DS106

While I am only 23 years old, I am very much the opposite of tech-savvy. I only bought a smartphone two years ago because I thought I was too young to be grumpy/ignorant about new gadgets. ¬†However, once I started thinking about the possibilities for this blog and all the things I care about and can take the opportunity to talk about, I got pretty excited. I’m sure that I.. Read More