Wrote a rap for #thedailycreate #ds106


Friday’s Daily Create instructed us to record a quick rap about our day. My immediate thought was “No way, I definitely can’t do that!” and I dismissed the task altogether. Life is funny though, and sometimes once an idea gets in your head, it just won’t leave until you see it to completion. That’s what happened with this rap. Throughout the day, I kept thinking of little rhyming couplets and scribbling them on whatever paper was available. At the end othe the work day (did I mention I was sitting at my desk trying to do my job for all this?) I had a pile of papers and some serious editing to do. It’s not evident from the quality of the rap, but I kept the best parts and everything that didn’t make the cut accidentally fell into the shredder. It took me one more day to gather the courage to actually record my voice saying the words I had written, but I have to admit that I am proud of the finished product. This class has already got me doing things I said I would never do (and sometomes I even enjoy the challenge)

– Victoria