Joining Twitter has never been high on my list of priorities, only because I didn’t fully understand the point. After a little less than one week as a member of the site, my original hesitaion is still mostly intact, however, I think I am beginning to understand the way in which it can be a more exciting mode of communication. I think I mentioned in my first post that I was relectante to even give up my flip phone, but the progress I have made this week in this class is already noticeable in my general dispostion towards technology. In this post I will make an attempt to summarize all that has happened this week.

Setting up my domain and social media profiles was by far the easiest thing I did this week. I was a little behind the curve, because I didn’t sign up for the class until Wednesday afternoon, but the fact that the signing up was so easy gave me just the hope I needed to get cracking on the rest of the assignments. As far as multimodel introductions go, I successfully said hello on multiple platforms. The twitter introduction is the start to this post, and I doubled up my rap as a quick introduction for myself os Spotify. If you’d like to hear it again, follow this link to soundcloud.

Customizing my blog was way more difficult. I still have yet to determine whether or not the problem is me. I suspect that it can’t be entirely, but the appearance of my blog will have to be a work in progress. The Daily Creates consistently push me out of my comfort zone, however I ended up enjoying all of them. Even though my  rap was more than abysmal, there’s something a little exciting about throwing yourself out there and not thinking twice about it. (Okay, so I thought twice about it for sure, but I published it and that’s what matters! The collection of my posts about my Daily Creates can be found at this link. In addition, the link to all my posts for the visual assignments is here.

I definitely learned some new things this week about picture taking and new kinds of social media and all the things that are available on the internet and I look forward to moving forward and expanding my skillset in the weeks to come.