florence! #visualassignments #visualassignments1701 #ds106

since I have posted so many pictures from Italy, here's a collage of my favorite statues in Florence. #ds106 #visualassignments #visualassignments1674

A big part of my story lately, is the trip I took to Italy in November. The experience was mindblowing, and everyday held a new adventure. I spent 2 full days just wnadering around Rome and getting lost with a Preist friend of mine. I spent another day and a half winding my way through the alleys and the back canals of Venice, a city which somehow always makes you fell like the most exciting thing that ever happened is waiting for you just around the next corner. As a result of my trip, I have hundreds of pictures from all over the country, and nothing really useful to do with them, so for now they are just sitting on my thumb drive. When I read some of these Visual Assignments, I leapt at the chance to use some of my pictures from Italy in a more productive way.

The top photo was originally taken from atop the North American College in Rome. The North American College is where all the men from the Americas go to take classes etc and learn how to become Catholic Priests. One of the men currently studying there is a friend of mine, so he arranged for me to be able to visit and see what he insists is the best view of Rome. After wanreding all over the city, I am inclined to agree.

The bottom photo is a collection of statues from around Florence. Florence, to me, was not a particularly remarkable city in and of itself. There’s just a thin veneer of facetiousness that coats everything in the city. That being said, the art in Florence is otherworldy, amd Michelangelo’s David is the crowning glory of the collection. We’ve all seena million pictures of the David, but nothing could ever do justice to the magnificence of the statue in real life.