Although I am not embarassed by anything in my purse, I first cringed at the thought of completing this assignment. However, I sucked it up and decided t lay it all out. What I realised is this, the things in my purse vary widely depending on which purse I am carerying and how big it is. Here’s a picture of the things that can ALWAYS be found in my purse, and a little backgorund on each.

What's in my bag? I change purses a lot, but here's my bare necessities. An extended description of what's in here is on my blog. #ds106 #visualassignments #visualassignments1556

First off is a BOOK. Currently, I am reading a flea market find about how revolutions (and nt just the violent government overthrwing kind) happen. It is supposedly full of modern examples, but once I started reading it, I realized that was not quite true, seeing as the book was published in the 1960’s. Even though the examples are a little outdated, the book is insightful and captivating so far.

Secondly is my WALLET (and a little extra cash). My wallet is not remarakble, and is not much larger than a credit card, although it easily carries everything I may need (from Kroger cards to a couple school I.D’s). I’ve been using this particular wallte for about 7 months now. I bought it in a small leather shop off one of the back alleys in Florence, Italy.

Of course I must have my GLASSES CASE at all times. I have horrible vision. Most days I wear contacts and it’s no problem, but I won’t be caught dead without a pair of glasses close by because if something were to happen to my contacts, I wuld be absolutely lost without a way to see!

Finally, and these are a set, I have my CIGARETTES, LIGHTER, and GUM. By no means am I a heavy smoker, but it’s comforting to always have a pack nearby in case I feel the need to relax a little bit. However, I work in an office and the smoke smell is not something I wish to subject my coworkers to. To that end, I keep a little bottle of Febreeze in my desk, and a small pack of gum in my purse at all times.